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Whether you are a movie buff or a social networking activist, or an android gaming champion, I bring before you the following 30 apps that are considered the most happening and cool apps in the virtual land even as u read this:

I am sure you all will completely agree that mobile phones no more come under the category of luxury goods anymore. They are part and parcel of everyday necessity, be it a multi-millionaire businessman or a street vegetable vendor. Application or apps are the unique tools in mobile device which has made my handling of day to day busy life much easier.

But why do I need apps?

In today’s world, mobile phones without apps, is like cake without icing….yes!! Literally!!! Apps have given us all the freedom to customize our devices according to our wants and needs which differ from person to person.

I am speaking what the statistics say. Check out for yourself

If the statistics given by Statista portal are to be believed, then we see that the most downloaded apps are the ones that are socially engaging and connect people to one another much easily and without hassle.

Looking at the graph it is easily said that maximum people use apps for entertainment and connectivity with the virtual world.

1. You Tube:

Now I don’t worry on missing out on my favorite episode as I can watch it anytime on the You Tube app.

2. Periscope:
This app allows its user to share videos and content happening in real time with anyone anywhere.
3. ESPN app:
I am not much of a sports fan, but if you are you are missing out on the fun if you don’t have this app. This gives you the quickest news about your favorite matches and leagues.
4. Instagram:
This is a Facebook owned app and mostly revolves around sharing of photographs with your followers.
5. Facebook:
This happens to be my favorite social networking site and also the biggest as of date. It’s cool app keeps me connected with the happenings and events in the life of friends and families.
6. Twitter:
Twitter is the mother of the hashtag revolution. It has never been more easy to connect with friends and stay up-to-date with the current hot topics around the world.
7. Pinterest:
This is a very interesting app for people who like to indulge and share inspirational and creative content relating to projects, hobbies, latest fashion etc.
8. Skype:
It is an original VOIP service owned by Microsoft. My favorite feature in this app is the free international video chats which are possible through data or Wi-Fi connection.
9. Snapchat:
This is a perfect app for those who want to stay connected but also does not want to build pressure on the phone memory as this app automatically expires the conversations and shared content once it is viewed.
10. Whatsapp:
This is one app, I personally can’t do without. It helps me always stay in touch with friends and family with texts, pictures and videos.
11. Tumblr
This is a trending app that helps you share content from anywhere to more than one blogs and also join debates and discussions.
12. Wordpress:
This app allows freedom to your writing skills where you can create as well as edit posts.
13. Kindle:
Planning to buy a Kindle device? I would advise you to rather have the Kindle app in your mobile phone. Whatever be your favorite genre, you will find it all here.
14. Comics:
I am sure comics are liked to be read by not only children but also adults. If you have an addiction to comics then this is the app for you as it offers a mind-blowing library of atleast 40000 titles.
15. PlayStation app:
If you want to increase your gaming experience of your play station, this app is a must. Here, the user can sign in the PSN account and have an interactive gaming experience.
16. Xbox Smartglass:
This is the ultimate app from Microsoft for gaming fanatics as it increases your gaming experiences through special second screen features such as maps and bonus content.
17. Zomato:
Being a foodie, this is my most used app as I can find the best restaurant in a particular area according to my cravings. It also has a shake feature which randomly helps you choose a dish, in case of confusion.
18. MyFitnessPal calorie tracker:
This app is the ultimate guide to keep a track on those calories that keep mounting up unchecked.
19. Freelectics:
Being a little on the heavier side, I love this app and so would you because it has a plethora of workouts to offer which suit my body weight and helps me keep fit in general.
20. Daily yoga app:
Yoga is the ultimate answer to stress release problems and this app is perfect for yoga followers as it helps you maintain a daily routine where you can watch HD videos and learn every perfect pose.
21. RunKeeper:
This app helps me keep a track of my daily run through GPS. Also it has the additional features where you can listen to music while you run and also share your progress.
22. Duolingo:
Learning a new language is so much fun. If you feel the same then this app is for you. It provides free courses in different languages like French, German, Italian etc.
23. Mint:
I can never keep check of my various bank accounts and credit cards, but this app has been a great help in keeping a firm track of my accounts.
24. eBay:
The best buying and selling app that I can have on my device. Here, you can browse through items on sale and also bid for them. Also it is easiest to sell off all the unwanted stuff lying around.
25. Amazon shopping:
I am an online shopping fanatic and if you are too then this is the best site for you as Amazon Shopping is the best online retailer as of now as it offers an enormous variety of products at a competitive rate.
26. PayPal:
I love this app because this app helps me make and receive online transactions. When you choose this app as your payment method, it notifies you of transactions and also alerts you for upcoming bill payments.
27. Maps:
No need to take along those maps drawn on papers on your next outing. Just this app is enough to help you reach any place, anywhere. I can also know places of interest in a particular area like malls and museums etc.
28. Uber:
I surely love the luxury Uber app gives me, the comfort of being driven by a personal chauffer around the city at the most reasonable and the lowest fare price per kilometer. Wow!
29. Clean Master:
It is the best optimization tool for your device. Its features like antivirus, privacy locks for your other important apps on device is surely every one of you would want it too.
30. SwiftKey keyboard:
I personally find autocorrect a very irritating feature. Instead of correcting you, this app learns your way of writing and accordingly suggests options.
I am sure this list of the most trending apps will help you to decide which apps are useful and suit your lifestyle and make it easier to manage your everyday chores, just like me.

Bazil Patel is the name of a next door boy, who has been maintaining his claim in the corporate yet technical world since an entirety of 12 years. My journey towards telemarketing progressed as I first began operating as a corresponding telemarketing executive back when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t stop just there. It was the beginning of my career, or let’s say, fuel towards my passion. When I became 18 years old, the doorway to several opportunities opened and I found myself lingering along for around 7 to 8 years as a branding and marketing manager for several companies, which definitely helped me mould the person I am today.

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