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So let’s take a look at the 30 top earning bloggers-and read thier story

Blogging has become a part of our lives today. Everyone, young and old alike seem to have caught up with the blogging bug and are doing enormously well in their respective genres. As it is said Rome was not built in a day, similarly blogging too took a while to get known but it received overwhelming response and was an overnight sensation.
Blogging began getting popular very rapidly and garnered huge success, thanks to some blogger tools like Live Journal, Open Diary, Pitas.com and Blogger.com.

Today blogging has become a household name and everyone is familiar with it. Blogging has made our online experience incredible. We enjoy writing blogs, contributing or commenting on them or simply enjoy by reading blogs. Around the late 20th century, Evan Williams started using the term blog and ultimately created the term blogging which is associated with Pyra Labs Bloggers products. Now we use both these terms on a daily basis.

Blogging has not only brought about a new lifestyle change for us but it has also become a major source of income and livelihood for many. Some people love blogging and hence have chosen it as their major source of remuneration.

Imagine doing something you love that pays as well, just wow! But many people do not realize how lucrative it is to choose the career path of blogging. Though it is hard to convince people that blogging is actually a great job and that it pays handsomely too but it won’t be until they find out how much some of the top bloggers of the world earn. Secondly it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Creating a good blog and garnering critical appraise, followed by lucrative remuneration requires good writing skills, creative talent and dedication.

So here we go with the List of Top earning Bloggers and I hope some day I will be one of them.

hahahah U never know!

Arianna Huffington- She is the co-founder of the website ‘The Huffington Post’ which helps her earn a fat monthly income of $2,330,000. She mainly earns this amount by pay-per-click. Her blogs are mainly news and opinions. She is now the editor-in-chief of this website and we just cant afford to exclude her from the List of Top earning Bloggers

Michael Arrington- His site TechCrunch is for the technology lovers who are always hungry to grab a bite of technology related news and articles. His site has made him the most influential person in technology and he earns around $500,000-$800,000 per month adding himself to the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Pete Cashmore- He earns around $560,000-$600,000 per month. He is the founder and CEO of Mashable, the world-famous blog which covers a range of topics including technology, business, entertainment, lifestyle and, social media. It is an award-winning site for it is the most popular, most read and most influential site.

Mario Lavanderia- His monthly income is $200,000-$400,000. His blog Perez Hilton covers news and scandals about celebrities. I am sure all the bieber fans spice up here.

Chiara Ferragni- The creator of the fashion blog ‘The Blonde Salad’ makes grossly income of $200,000 per month through the website Noupe. She basically earns this by private advertising. She writes and shares videos on fashion.She is surely an Inspiration for Millions of Women around the globe.

Vitally Friedman- He has an income of around $150,000-$190,000 per month. He is the founder of the blog for website designers called Smashing Magazine. It is one of the most popular blogs when it comes to web design and development.So here we add the man of colours to the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Pat Flynn- The brain behind the website Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn makes $153,000 per month. Though this money-making website has made him rich and famous but his main income comes from Affiliate Commissions. He carries out income experiments and demonstrates the results on his blog.So if Yo wish to Earn Money Onle He is the man to follow and add your self to the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Timothy Sykes- He has a monthly income of around $150,000-$180,000. His blog makes one understand the bed rocks of money-making strategies including topics about investment, finance, stock, etc. He is an expert in stock operations. So the forex guys are always looking for Timoth Sykes .I do read his blog.

Collis Ta’eed- He is the owner of TutsPlus which contributes write ups to many famous blogs. This site provides information on building basic skills by compiling many teaching methods like lectures or tutorials to make the readers informed about software and various designing tools. He earns a monthly salary of $55,000-$120,000.

Gina Trapani- She earns around $110,000 per month. She is the founder and CEO of Lifehacker, which makes everyday life easier by sharing tips and ideas to make life better.So finding solution for people around the world helps her out to join the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Jake Dobki- Dobki is the publisher of Gothamist.com prior to which he worked as an urban photographer. The blogs in Gothamist covers the genre of food, events and art. He earns around $80000-$ 110,000 per month.

Matt Marshall- He was previously a journalist who started blogging about technology around the year 2000. He is the founder of VentureBeat, which covers a range of topics including technology, money, finance, investment, etc. His monthly income is around $50,000-$100,000.

Ewdison Then- He is the co-founder and executive editor of Slash Gear which is a tech news site. He earns around $60000-$80000 per month. Slash gear is most successful blog to utilize word press. Then has become a blogging star by connecting tech lovers with all kinds of news and information related to technology and gadgets.

Albroz Fallah- This car crazy blogger is the founder of the website Car Advise. He makes a sum of around $70,000 mostly through the advertising banners. It is the largest independently owned automobile website of Australia.So he earns through the blog and spends on Expensive cars and I am sure he must be owning the best ones.

Nick Denton- Denton’s website, Life Hacker is a great website followed by several people across the world. He also has another website Kotaku and together he makes around $92,000 a month from both these websites, basically from advertising banners.

Heather B. Armstrong- She makes $50,000 per month through her website of the same name where she writes under the pen-name of Dooce, the main source of income coming from pay-per-click. She generally blogs about pregnancy, parenthood, depression, her kids, etc. She Is the One Who really Cares and thats what makes her a part of the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Steve Pavlina- He has a website with the same name and his blogs are mostly related to personality development and his website provides free articles, audios and videos too. He is a self-help author and motivational speaker. He earns $45,000 through Pay per Clicks.

Joshua Micah Marshall- He makes $45,000 a month through his website ‘Talking Points Memo’ where he blogs about political events. His site is very popular and is also regarded as the most respected sites.

Darren Rowse- He makes grossly $40,000 per month from his website Problogger, by advertising banners. He blogs mostly about making money by blogging.

Joshua Dunlop- The founder of the website Expert Photography makes $30,000 per month from product sales. He blogs mainly on photography.So if you are always lost in Pictures folllow his blog and if you wish to start a blog than contact me as i am looking forward to use my domain Clickfaces.com I might either sell it or we can start blogging together because I love photography too

Jeremy Shoemaker- the Shoemoney fame Jeremy Shoemaker makes $30,000 per month through product sales. The tag line of the website says that it teaches the skills to pay the bills.

Allan Carlton- the Coolest Gadgets guy, Allan Carlton makes $30,000 a month through advertising banners. He blogs and reports about the latest coolest gadgets in the market and in stores.
David Risley- He makes a $16,000 monthly income through his website PCMech mostly by affiliated sales. He blogs on optimizing and using computer to its fullest potential. So if you want to start a blog on cell phone than i will generous enough to give You a good domain Sellphones.co which will help you join
the List of Top earning Bloggers.

Yuya- Among the beauty bloggers, there are many who are earning millions of dollars just by driving the ladies crazy about makeup, beauty and beauty products. On top of the rich beauty bloggers list is Yuya who earns around $41,000 per month. She makes this money only from her YouTube videos with over 12 million subscribers.So she is the one to look out for If you want a good Selfie …..Just Kidding

Bunny Meyer- Next is Bunny Meyer, her blogs make her earn about $32,000 in a month and she has over 6 million subscribers. She is Famousssssssssssssss!

Zoella- She has over 9 million loyal followers as she writes on a variety of content and thus, earning around $27,000 a month. So she is the one to say Holaaaaaaaaaa!

Mindy McKnight- Her website Cute Girls Hairstyles reportedly makes $21000 per month for her short braid tutorials. Her videos are short and easy to follow.So you know where to find out the latest Hair Style?

Rachel- the Rclbeauty101 blogger Rachel earns $20,000 a month she has over 5.6 million subscribers, who follow her videos on lazy girl life hacks and DIY projects.

Bethany Mota- She is the most famous beauty blogger on YouTube with 9.7million subscribers and makes $15,000 per month only from this apart from her collection in Aeropostale and appearance on the show ‘dancing with the stars.’

Michelle Phan- She is the real mother of beauty blogging. She made beauty blogging a craze among young girls and ladies. According to Forbes she earns around $3million per annum.

I am sure You enjoyed List of Top earning Bloggers.

And ! great lesson You need to learn From is To blog About something you love Its not always about money but if you do some thing that you enjoy and still become a millionaire than thats something you should go for .

One question You should Ask your self right away ‘ Will I be a Millionaire? ” and If the answer is ye than just go for it!

Peace to all and Hope you subscribe to my blog and keep visiting thats the only way i can join the List of Top earning Bloggers.


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