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15 million downloads on this reality game and yes, you will be surprised to know that this game has taken over all the other social media platforms and people today are spending more than half an hour playing the game than using Facebook or Instagram .


Pokemon GO, You have been hearing this 2-letter word quite a bit lately, but have no clues on what this stands for. Well!! In simpler terms, it’s is an amplified reality game which has been the recent buzz of the town in the digital world and businesses can benefit from this phenomena. Stay tuned to know more:

The numbers, from Forbes Statista Company states the users are spending comparatively more time on Pokemon Go then on any other Social media platforms such as What’sapp, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Messenger. Pokèmon Go currently is the leading social media app. Players spent, on an average just over 43 minutes playing the game, compared to 25 minutes on Instagram and 22 minutes on Snapchat.
These may sound like some pretty staggering numbers, but there is little important stipulation to these stats.
Including Pokemon Go, in the marketing mix, brands looking to connect with consumers can be happy to get skyrocket engagement, increased customer, loyalty and sales.
How does this game matter for you as a local business owner?
The main USP of this mobile app is that it is geographically inclined and sends the users to the real world locations in order to capture Pokemon. Surely you have a quest crossing your mind as to how business owners can boost sales by this mobile app. But it can!
With a heart throbbing popularity of the app since its launch on 5th July 2016 and the no of users this app can certainly boost sales of your local business if you embrace the power of this app.
Savvy business owners this app is certainly for you. It all depends on how you to choose to make of this opportunity for your business to generate awareness and get optimum increase in foot traffic.
What are you waiting for, get going and join the bandwagon!
Scroll down to explore and know a few ways in which you can make optimum use of this app using social media, and drive and catch the fancy of a swarm of gaming enthusiasts to your location.
Your marketing mix should surely include Pokemon Go. Think smart!
Lure Parties
You will in the first place need to download the app to check if your business happens to be a “Pokestop.” If yes, you can purchase something called a lure just for 99 cents. A lure tends to attract more Pokemon and in turn more gamers to your location for a span as much as 30 minutes.
It’s best to buy multiple lures to make the outcome last for few hours. You will then need to promote your “lure party” on social media. You can think of innovative ways to give an interesting twist to the event for local players by posting coupons and other freebie you’ll be gifting during the active term period of your lures.
It’s simple! To purchase a lure, you will need to click the red Pokéball inside the Pokemon GO app, then click “Shop” and then press the purple Lure icon. After you are done with the payment, go ahead and press the red Pokéball again. Now you just need to press “Items” and tap on the purple lure to activate and just get going to enjoy the game.
Make advantageous use of Hashtags
The importance of using Hashtags has been known for long to promote something special. Post content related to the game, and use hashtags #pokemongo compiling it with a hashtag for your location area. The hashtags will do the wonder job of allowing nearby players to easily locate you on social media and let them know your location should be explored.
Offer Gamer Discounts
When the sun is shining bright think of varied ways to lure the gamers and offer the players attractive discounts, especially the ones who post screenshots of the captured Pokémon in your store and tag you on social media. This will certainly attract more followers in your area to explore your store to catch Pokémon. Make sure to constantly promote this discount on all your pages on varied social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat etc.
There Huffingston post states that there is no stopping to Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Go app currently has climbed to the top of the charts. The app is installed more on Android devices than tinder. Surprisingly Facebook users unlike earlier who were spending close to 22 minutes each day on Facebook too have made a makeshift on this trending app and are spending a considerable good amount of 33 minutes each day playing Pokemon Go. The app surely has created a mark and is encouraging users to get out and capture Pokemon monsters in real-world locations. Isn’t that exciting?
Get going and make more of the Pokemon Go app- the biggest thing on smart phones now! Achieving something this exceptional has been Nintendo’s stated goal for ages and they have achieved the large audience by constant evaluation, analysis, strategizing and changing tactics.
Leverage this fad as a local marketing opportunity and make the best use of the above mentioned tips to soon welcome hoards of players in your community. Get going to make the most of the Pokemon Go fever and catch up on all the business you can while the fad lasts.
Simply speaking, I don’t think I’ve really come across such a wondrous gaming community. This gaming app has bought people the gaming community together in a way that videogames had never been able to in the past. Amazingly true!
Get going and make more of the Pokemon Go app- the biggest thing on smart phones now!

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