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I don’t want to go to America

America, a place of brilliant blunders, a place where Donald trump is born, a place where racism has a no-go, a place where dollars are the only thing that sees dedication, a place where crime has its paternal home, a place where the F word is used more often than tinder, is a place where life is no less than a controversy. All our lives, we are taught that America is a super power, and yes it is, maybe super, but what I have inherited through my research is that they have manipulated their ways in order to achieve the best which is again debatable as it is wrong and right at the same time.

The hoopla of terrorism:
The word “terrorism” became a household name since the last decade and it is no coincidence that with the rise of America, rise of “terrorism” also happened. Call it a coincidence or an unfortunate crossout? Well to me, the fact that America “just happened” to create enmity “just” out of jealousy doesn’t really make a logical equation. Not that I am defending terrorism, it’s just that I believe that we clap with two hands right? There is always a spark that gives rise to a flame, America’s tangled history with Muslims has somewhere ignited rational hate amongst the Islamic community. So for this I am gonna dedicate a special 200 words* only segment as to Why Jihadis hate America: Obviously the American foreign policy is not the reason of Islamic hate, but the factual problem is in the history of misbehaviour of America towards them. The overthrow of governments, unnatural assassinations, depleted uranium, consistent bombings, upliftment of torture culture and other under the shaft followed since half a century

The problem now: Since 9/11, which was inhumane, America became really “toxic” in its policies and established a no dues decorum. What this is? According to the no dues rule, if anyone is accused of any terrorist activity and even if they are convicted as innocent, there is a very high probability of losing citizenship, career, and almost everything.I do pray that terrorism should end and it shouldn’t exist in any part of the world as Blood is not the answer for hate it’s always love .I wish these countries become more human in nature and hunger of power shouldn’t take them to places where there is no peace and no soul lives happily so in order to control terrorism the roots should be questioned ,Not a entire community

The continuous cult of drug abuse and crime: Drug abuse and crime rate mercuries with the speed of summer heat in America, and piles of news articles are an evident of this since the past century. 4.7 per every 100,000 is the annual rate of murder in America, which is an unthinkable figure in all. Steering to drug abuse, America has a black belt here as well, it leads in usage of cocaine and heroin. Not that America hasn’t done anything to shrink the situation, it has actually spent trillions of dollars and have imprisoned, lynched several people, but the numbers have refused to defuse in size. The government of America has failed to create a noticeable impact on the intensifying popularity of drugs.
Yeah, they are doing their bit, but when if comes to zeroing on residency in a country like that, I would say, I am way too moralistic, careful, and a picky individual.

The hell of racism and discrimination: Americans are obsessed with white color, and they are like color blind, may be which is why they choose to not to see the other humans having a different skin color. Instead when they see a black or a brown colored individual they just have their moral switch off and turn to act angles, oh sorry, demons, demons of idiocy. True fact, America was built on the backs of African slaves and only a century later, they were set free, this consequently lead to the friction of thoughts and Americans developed a hypothetical imagery that Africans or any other brown colored individual are slaves. So racism is something that comes naturally in every American, and that is frustrating and not cool.

Discrimination is something which is on similar lines of racism, means that an average American earns 64% more than his/her African counterpart. Also, moralistic laws laid by the Government are more harsh and inconsistent for the black/brown individuals. Not only this discouraging, but it’s something that is inhuman, I mean who gave who the right to discriminate on the basis of skin color. But no, America proudly flags it’s occult of racism and discrimination further forcing me to conclude that I don’t want to go to America.

The Size Zero religion: America is the sole country to promote a heavily edited standard of beauty. Body shaming algorithm in America is crazy, girls are obsessed with Victoria’s Secret fantasy and demean their existence whenever they are exposed to such a standard of beauty that is psychologically and physically impossible to achieve.

Phenomenal Divorce rate: Marriages are not made in heaven, Marriages are made in Las Vegas on an ugly drunken night for America. Americans are too quick to get married and also too quick to get divorced, further mocking the word marriage. A high divorce rate suggests that couples are not cooperative at all which means that they resist change or associate reasons of separation with financial issues and healthcare issues, the least. Be it whatever reason, divorces create an emotional hole inside children and devastation or imbalance of mind is a result of it.

The unholy politics of guns: Gun politics in America never waxes off, instead the steps taken to control them leads to either massacre or killings of children (2015 case) because that makes sense right. Two groups in America, i.e. the Gun right activists and gun control, often or never resist to disagree any sort of law labeled against the sinful gun politics. Moreover, the unrestricted gun rights are always a hurdle, this equates to only one thing, i.e. increased intentional and spontaneous crime activities, hence my point; I don’t want to go to America.

Corporate Corruption and its menace: Many Multinational companies have America as their place of worship; whenever they lose their customer base, instead of going bankrupt, they approach the political party whose elections they had purchased and hence the money is paid back, sometimes even more. What do I call this, the deal of luck and America just happens to have made a lot of it.

The list is neverending as the more I research, the more repulsive I get and since I am in the same mode, I say with all my wits in one place, that I don’t want to go to America.

I hope America gives a more human approach towards this world so that there is no one who says I don’t want to go America

Bazil Patel is the name of a next door boy, who has been maintaining his claim in the corporate yet technical world since an entirety of 12 years. My journey towards telemarketing progressed as I first began operating as a corresponding telemarketing executive back when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t stop just there. It was the beginning of my career, or let’s say, fuel towards my passion. When I became 18 years old, the doorway to several opportunities opened and I found myself lingering along for around 7 to 8 years as a branding and marketing manager for several companies, which definitely helped me mould the person I am today.

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