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Making money Online is not so easy, but it’s not that difficult as well. Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to make money online. Blogs are websites/ web pages that provide real time updates and data regarding a particular ongoing event. A blog is continuously updated by its writer(s). Authenticated blogs are a main source of updates on live events and information about the ongoing developments in various fields. Even though blogging is considered as a waste of time and highly disregarded by many people, some think of it as a way of survival and reserve the most part of their life to it! When you are satisfied that blogging is useful in many ways and decide on creating one for your own, here are some basic suggestions that may prove helpful in the process

Quite a few years ago, it was said that it is virtually impossible to live without electricity. If you take that survey again, most people would say ‘The Internet’ is an essential entity for survival! People nowadays spend hours together in front of their desktop screens, laptops, tablets and mobile phones doing nothing but navigating through numerous websites, blogs and pages. The competitive world is growing like a wildfire. You cannot accomplish anything by doing just that. Internet has a whole variety of useful things to offer too! You can socialize with your community, learn fabulous things through tutorials, have entertainment every now and then, and assess your financial-social conditions and much more. If you are thinking of making some extra money, the internet offers great-deal of choices to do the same.
Tips To Start A Blog
Here Are some great Tips to start a blog and Make Money Online
Get yourselves clear on the basic reason, why do you want to write the blog.(Health,Technology,Make Money Online,Relatioships,Food,Lifestyle these blogs are paid well throug Google Adsense)
Obtain an interesting domain name that draws the attention of viewers.(GoDaddy and Namecheap are good sources to buy your domain and always go for a .com that’s the best Investment)
Find trusted sources that provide constant and precise information for your blog.(Content Is the King and Marketing is the Queen if You have both Blogging is Your Kingdom well this one comes from the most underrated writer Bazil Patel ….Stop Loling Howdy)
Decide on the blogging platform that you intend to use.(Choose WordPress )
Once you start writing and acquire a decent number of followers, it becomes your responsibility to uphold the standards of your blog.(just Focus On Google Plus,Linkedin and forums don’t go for twitter and Facebook else You will be Lost)
Use tools like Google analytics to track your blog’s progress.(Focus on getting Traffic from Us,Canada,Uk,Australia because you get Paid well You can Ask me how just drop me a mail)
Secure your page/ site’s privacy to content with appropriate measures.(Sucuri is a good plugin to secure your WordPress website)
When your blog becomes famous enough, you can sponsor ads on your page to make a bit more extra money.(Propeller ads ,popads.net,revenue hits are good sources to start with)
Promote your blog throughout the Social Media networking sites but focus on few and stay silent on rest )
Make use of the blogging tools available to make the blogging process easier.

How do you earn money by blogging? Make Money Online?
Cost per click/ pay per click ads.
Affiliate marketing
Display of private ads
Email subscriptions and memberships
Sponsored Reviews
Intext ads
Content Locking
CPA networks

There are plentiful of online blogs that make insane amounts of money. Global blogs like ‘The Huffington post’, ‘Mashable’, ‘Tech crunch’ and many others have their monthly income in terms hundred-thousands of dollars!
Here are some famous Indian blogs that provide quality information while making decent amount of money
Labnol.org, also known as Digital Inspiration was created by India’s first professional blogger Amit Agarwal. Launched in 2004, Labnol is a typical how-to blog intended to increase the skills of talented software technicians. Digital inspiration also provides tips and tricks that help you in making the most of the available softwares and web technologies.
The creator of the blog, Amit Agarwal is an IITian who formerly worked for ADP.Inc. He is an avid web developer who has developed many cool web apps such as Mail merge for Gmail that facilitate in easier web browsing. With an average of 3 million views per month, labnol.org is a winner of many awards and has been quoted in some popular journals like CNBC, Forbes etc.
Approximate Earnings : ₹30,00,000/- per month

A blog that teaches you how to make money from blogs! That’s what ShoutMeLoud.com (SML) does. Created by Harsh Agarwal, a professional engineer in 2008, SML is a paradise for online marketers and app developers. Prior to starting SML, Harsh used to work for Convergys. He turned down a job at Accenture before beginning his journey as a professional blogger. ShoutMeLoud is ranked 2709 globally by Alexa.
Estimated Earnings: ₹3, 50,000 to 4, 00,000 per month.

Technology Personalised or TechPP for short is a technology blog that focuses on analysing and reviewing day to day consumer technology and electronic devices. Raju PP, the creator and the chief editor of TechPP is an electronics engineering graduate who was featured among ‘Top151 tech Indians’ in the exhibit magazine. TechPP aims at easing the process of choosing electronic gadgets and computer softwares by giving a very detailed description of every major product that appears on the market. The blog also has an editorial board of enthusiast bloggers and technology experts. TechPP is regularly featured in various leading tech sites like CNET, Tech Crunch and many more.
Estimated Earnings: ₹2, 00,000 to 3, 00,000 per month
Yourstory.com is a website dedicated to promote entrepreneurs and start-ups. The country’s number 1 media technology platform is the brainchild of Shradha Sharma, who is currently the CEO and chief editor of the blog. The blog has given around 40,000 stories of achievers and entrepreneurs to the internet. Yourstory.com posses a dream list of clients that include Cisco, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Nokia, Vodafone etc.

Created by Arun Prabhudesai, an IT professional in 2007, Trak.in is a professional newsletter blog that provides lots of information about ongoing developments in the fields of mobile technology, telecom, e-commerce, banking and aviation. Trak.in was featured in Times online’s Top 10 Indian Business blogs. The main focus of the blog is on Indian business and start-ups.
Approximate earnings: ₹2, 50,000 to 3, 00,000 per month.
Other amazing blogs such as SaveDelete.com, 9Lessons.info, Mouthshut.com, Alltechbuzz.net provide great piece of information to ease up your internet life
Money making by blogging is a skill that requires a lot of dedication and skill. The topic of your blog hardly matters when its contents are unique and exquisite. The first step towards becoming a professional blogger is putting your life into it and the desire to help people just guides it.
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Bazil Patel is the name of a next door boy, who has been maintaining his claim in the corporate yet technical world since an entirety of 12 years. My journey towards telemarketing progressed as I first began operating as a corresponding telemarketing executive back when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t stop just there. It was the beginning of my career, or let’s say, fuel towards my passion. When I became 18 years old, the doorway to several opportunities opened and I found myself lingering along for around 7 to 8 years as a branding and marketing manager for several companies, which definitely helped me mould the person I am today.

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