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Hi, my name is my domain. I have been a part of the corporate world since past 12 years. I have done a degree from the college of economics, Sydenham’s. However, I never feel just a degree can take you anywhere. It needs a lot more!!
My journey to earn a living started as a telemarketing executive at the age of 16. Down the line I worked as a customer care executive in an International BPO @ the age of 18 and tread forward with different corporate companies like Apple re seller, Imagine, World’s largest International Property Consultant C B Richard Ellis and Australian Top IPC LJ hooker. In my tenure of work I have had multiple freelancing opportunities for hundreds of brands and have in-depth experience and know-how of the struggles of entrepreneurship. There are lots of experiences to share through this blog. Watch out!!

I have been a traveler for a long time being blessed with a gypsy soul my constant desire to explore new places and live cultures across borders have changed me into a wanderer so life has become more of as barefoot experience where you don’t know where your next destination is…………

Through this blog I am going to talk about the most amazing brands and travel spots around the world so to be precise the more I see the more I show!

As a person I am loner, rich in enthusiasm and spirit so I thought it’s better to share knowledge with the rest of the world and I think this blog is just gonna do that!! Keep Exploring more about us! Hey!! Hear when I say “us” or “we”, I am just humble enough to give credit to my team for all their efforts.
If u ever find this blog was impactful or profitable to you or your business in any way just connect with me on twitter and thank me as a token. It will motivate me better. I am writer too, I love writing quotes too, u will find them all around the web and on my Instagram pages too. Just connect and explore the real me!
Don’t get lost in the crowd, following experts and famous personalities. In this technologically driven world think analytical and move in a direction that allows you to be a part of this big league called digital era. Tread forward on the road to Digital world with us and give wings to your business.

Love to all hate to none
My awesomeness
Bazil patel