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Top 30 Indian Startups to Look for in 2016

Are you too driven by enthusiasm, perseverance and dedication and wish to startup a business? Have you too been swept away by the innovative Indian minds? Why not, I too am stunned by their hunger for success.

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These startups have not only taken a clean sweep at each and every one of us but the investors are going crazy to fund their innovative ideas to make big bucks themselves. From ecommerce to technology to health and logistics, startups are looking to make it big. Who got the most funding? How much they raise? Read all about it below

[Infographic]- Indian Startups Funding Report for 2016 Q1

So, here is the list of the top 30 Indian Startups on their way to success.
1. Faircent.com (https://www.faircent.com/)
For all those consumers who are troubled with high interest rates and lenders who are struggling to beat the inflation, Faircent.com is here to answer your woes.
2. Bolt (http://thebolt.club/)
Well, I know how important it is for one and all to have a charged phone battery at all times.Bolt Red Streak is the answer! Get going and explore more!
3. Wow! Momo Foods Pvt Ltd.
Did you ever imagine running a food chain of different kinds of momos could make you earn 7.5 crore a month. A whooping sum, right? Surely, the company knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!!
4. Practo(https://www.practo.com/)
Practo became the answer to the call of many patients who were not able to consult doctors personally and for doctors whose aim was to spread their miracles among the sick.
5. Edukart ( http://www.edukart.com/)
Are you thinking what to do next in your career? This app will surely come in handy and help you students by providing information on the varied courses to enroll.
6. Omix Labs(http://www.omixdx.com/)
Omix Labs, based in Bangalore allows cost effective DNA testing outside laboratory settings for diagnosis of infectious diseases, food testing and environmental testing.
7. Chaayos(Sunshine Teahouse Pvt Ltd.) (http://www.chaayos.com/)
There is no denying the facts that Indians love tea and Chaayos delivers just that. Using their Chaayos App and one can buy the tea from their outlets or order at Amazon.in.
8. Portea Medical (http://www.portea.com/)
One can avail the best health care here irrespective of their class, caste and gender etc. They have given birth to an in-house health care program which helps those suffering from acute and chronic illness.
9. Suvitas Holistic Healthcare (http://www.suvitas.com/)
Suvitas Holistic Healthcare provides the right treatment to their patients. Based in Hyderabad, they provide you with a relaxed environment, best therapists, dieticians, healers and emotional counselors.
10. CashKaro.com (http://cashkaro.com/)
I know, it feels so good to listen to these words “50% discount” or “10% cashback”. Cashkaro.com makes you’re online shopping a delight by providing you discount coupons upto 50% and cashback from 1000 online retail websites. All you have to do is purchase from via their website. Not a bad deal, I must say.
11. Inshorts (https://www.inshorts.com/)
Stay updated with the latest news!! Inshorts app provides us with the latest news across varied categories in just close to 60 words. Hndi launch too has made a furore among the readers.
12.SilverPush (https://www.silverpush.co/#!/)
SilverPush is leading the industry in bridging the customer journey from TV-Search-Social-Mobile. With its technology, marketers can know how effective their campaign is and what is going wrong.
13. UrbanClap (https://www.urbanclap.com/)
Have you ever dreamed of having a perfectly decorated wall? Or a candid wedding shoot? UrbanClap is your answer. This Gurgaon based firm helps you find the right professional service for all the activities important to you.
14. TrulyMadly Matchmakers Pvt. Ltd. (http://trulymadly.com/)
Looking for a perfect match for self, friends or family? Try this wonderful appmeet interesting and like- minded verified singles in your city. This app promises 100% verified profiles and helps you find out your compatible partner who just might live next door.
15. AmbigobullsInc. (http://amigobulls.com/)
Looking to invest in stock market? Ambigobulls is for all those who want to make big bucks on Wall Street but lack guidance.
16. Indifi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.indifi.com/)
This startup is looking to help small businesses make big bucks and access credit by incorporating their business metrics in their credit profile.
17. Consure Medical (http://consuremedical.com/)
Qora Stool Management Kitis the only stool management device that integrates a hygienic applicator to deploy a diverter inside the rectum by a minimally trained care provider or a motivated family member.
18. Zenatix Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (http://zenatix.com/)
Want to contribute to green environment and save electricity. Best is to invest in energy analytics product that helps managers of commercial buildings save at least 10% of energy using intelligence from the energy data.
19. Razorpay (https://razorpay.com/)
Online payments now have to be more secure and quick. This app aims to revolutionize online payments by providing a simple, reasonable and safe way for small businesses, startups and other traditional SME organizationsWow! A complete online payment world is soon to follow!
20. Darwinbox (https://darwinbox.in/)
I love this app. It makes the entire hiring process seamless- making it easier for the HR team as well as for the employees.
21. Lybrate (https://www.lybrate.com/)
Healthcare bills can leave a huge hole in our pockets. Lybrate, a firm founded to give its users a choice of over 80000 doctors, see their fees and gain online consultation. This helps them reduce the cost by 70% and get the best treatment from known doctors.
22. StitchWood (https://www.stitchwood.com/)
Have you ever dreamed of coming back to a perfectly decorated home with lavish furniture that can put your tired soul to ease? They create and deliver finest furniture that fits your requirement and according to your design right at your doorstep.
23. Find My Stay (http://www.findmystay.com/)
We all know the issues that come up while planning a holiday or a business trip, one of them being over-priced hotels. Find My Stay will help you search for the best deals in hotels and other accommodation at the lowest price. Needless to say, the price may be low but the quality they offer is not.
24. RentMojo (https://www.rentomojo.com/)
I trust this app. This app came in real handy and providedme with affordable house and house accessories on rent when I needed it the most. Quite a money saver!
25. Live Health (https://livehealth.in/)
For doctors, nothing can be a bigger nightmare than not finding the record of their patient. This startup aggregates a patient’s medical records, data, doctor’s report, test results etc. which can be conveniently accessed. Not only has this but it also provided excellent CRM features to interact better with patients.
26. Twigly (http://twigly.in/)
I am feeling hungry. Wanna have something really delicious. I am happy Twiglyis here to cater to this need of mine.The menu changes every week, adding variety to my taste buds. It is something worth trying! I love it!
27. Praxify (https://praxify.com/)
A one stop shop for all health care needs is designed to store patient’s health records, track medication and adherence. Moreover, it also helps patients to make easy appointments with doctors.
28. SattvaMedtech (http://sattvamedtech.com/)
Childbirth can be tough on mother as well as the infant.SattvaMedtech has developed a non-invasive device which collects the psychological data of the maternal and fetal health. This innovative idea has helped save 300,000 lives a year.
29. DocEngage (https://www.docengage.in/)
A platform built to standardize procedures across clinics,helps users assess inventories across different locations of the country and allows them to manage their resources better. It keeps my health documents organized.
30. SatvaCart (http://www.satvacart.com/)
Not only is the Indian market swept away but the retail ecommerce too. Shop easy from your home and you also buy monthly subscriptions as well to make your grocery shopping easier.

Know what the graphics speak

Yes, I do agree that some startups do not work, but the execution along with the idea values your startup.If it wasn’t for perfect execution, the amount of investment wouldn’t have raised to $620m dollars in February 2016. Know all about them below

Way to go people!!I love you all. Your apps have just made my life easier in every possible way. Recommended to one and all!!

Bazil Patel is the name of a next door boy, who has been maintaining his claim in the corporate yet technical world since an entirety of 12 years. My journey towards telemarketing progressed as I first began operating as a corresponding telemarketing executive back when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t stop just there. It was the beginning of my career, or let’s say, fuel towards my passion. When I became 18 years old, the doorway to several opportunities opened and I found myself lingering along for around 7 to 8 years as a branding and marketing manager for several companies, which definitely helped me mould the person I am today.

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