‘The Sky looked so high… that I decided to fly” – Anonymous
Sounds like I am sitting at the airport, about to take a flight …well, then I think you guessed it wrong, because for me the sky being so high means that my dreams and aspirations are so high that I just need to put on my passionate wings and soar away and just gain new heights…
An entrepreneur by day and an avid traveller by night. Actually nah, I am a pro at multitasking. Before you go on judging that I am some Neanderthal that inherited million from daddy and now is travelling and showing off what an amazing life he has. Sorry to burst your bubbles folks and the name’s Patel… Bazil Patel (sorry I couldn’t help it). I have worked in the corporate world for over a decade and have an economics degree. I have also worked for top ranking companies such as Apple, C B Richard Ellis and LJ hooker. Plus I became a SEO along with digital marketing expert.
“If you cannot stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it” Anonymous.
I wasn’t content with just being a part of the white collar trail. I wanted to explore, discover the world, go to places people had never heard of and all together just have a billion stories to share when I’m 80. There are many people who want to travel and I am here to tell you can do anything you set your mind to. Using my blogs i am sharing all of my experiences with you people, just so maybe one day you will find the courage to go after what your heart desires.
As for now, I am running four blogs which discuss different aspects of life such as health, food and obviously travelling. And one of them is exclusively devoted to Dubai and how much it means to me.
Oh! I forgot to tell you guys something, besides being a travel addict, somewhere down the line I am a budding writer too, who likes to write quotes and yes if you google me you can find them staring on your screens and yes you can get inspired too. So, now come join me in this world where everything is so fast paced that we forget to think and enjoy for ourselves. Come and move around the world with me, what if it’s through my blog, any kind of information is priceless… so let the journey start!